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Digital product design.

Prototypes, digital products (apps, websites, SaaS solutions) and design systems which are visually pleasing, user-centric and easy to use.

Recent work: 


During the revamp of America's cherished sub shops' delivery/pickup mobile application, we revitalized the user experience from top to bottom. Working as part of a talented team of 8 product designers, my responsibility was to spearhead extensive user research aimed at assessing usability and generating valuable recommendations based on the insights gathered.

By deeply understanding the needs and preferences of our users, we not only improved the application's functionality but also completely transformed its visual aesthetics. Through this comprehensive redesign, we were able to create an elevated experience that resonates with both existing and new users.
User Research
Usability Testing
Food Ordering
Eat Fresh

Our Cellar

Introducing Our Cellar, the latest addition to LVMH's distinguished portfolio—a direct-to-consumer marketplace showcasing Moët Hennessy's exquisite wines, champagnes, and soon-to-be-introduced spirits.

We set out to seamlessly blend MHUSA's luxurious offerings with an inviting shopping experience, aiming to educate our users while paying homage to their iconic collection. Collaborating closely with MHUSA, our design team meticulously crafted an authentic and captivating experience. As the lead UX designer, I not only spearheaded the design process but also played a vital role in shaping the overall aesthetic.
Product Design
Mobile first


In a world where innovation is transforming various industries, from dog walking to restaurants, traditional commerce often gets overlooked. However, what about the charm of shopping locally? While speedy two-day deliveries are convenient, our users crave the opportunity to support their local community.

That's where Main comes in. This platform empowers users to easily discover nearby stores and their available inventory, fostering a sense of connection and encouraging support for local businesses over large retailers. As the lead Product Designer, I played a pivotal role in this project, collaborating with a talented team of four to create an engaging and user-centric experience for our platform.

Ways I can help you

User Experience

user testing
user research
app/site architecture

User Interface

ui kit
style guide
interaction design

Product Design

From user research to your business goals, I approach design holistically to ensure a streamlined solution, that your users will love.

Here I am!✌️

I help people and brands reach their goals by designing & building user-centric digital products and interactive experiences.

From big to small clients, two things I always promise:

Minimize oversight, Maximize return.


Keep you involved in my process.


A few things 🙋🏻 clients normally ask me:

What does your design process look like? 
I tailor my design process around my clients, their needs, and their budget, but I always start with research, and end with a solution they–and their users–love!
How much is my project going to cost? 
Before I can tell you that, we need to play a round of 20 questions. However, I promise my pricing is fair, transparent, and I work with any budget.

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What is User Experience?
There are many definitions, but for brevity, I like to explain it as:

Increasing the ease and please of a product by gaining a deep understanding of user's needs, wants, motivations, and desires, pertaining to your company and product. This profound understanding allows designers, like myself, to design for your existing user base and deliver solutions that they will use!
What differentiates you from other designers?

Design is a craft of building things in a severely limited space by its nature. There's always a deadline, business needs, budget restraints, technology limitations, investors' opinions, fashion trends, OS style guidelines, etc. I have a unique knack at navigating these restrictions and use them to guide my design strategy, all while diving deep into your users' minds to learn about their behaviors and needs. 

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